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Welcome to the Court

The USF Student Government Supreme Court serves to administer proper action when Student Government Law is misinterpreted or violated. The Supreme Court is made up of seven student justices and is led by the Chief Justice. The justices are appointed by the Student Government President with the advice and consent of the Senate. Once an appointment is made, the candidate must appear before the Senate Judicial committee. If confirmed by the committee, the candidate then appears before the entire Senate for confirmation. Once confirmed the candidate is sworn in as an Associate Justice and begins serving a term of up to three years. The court elects, from within their ranks, a Senior Justice (Second-in-command) and a Ranking Justice (Third-in-command).

Court Meetings

General Meetings
The USF Supreme Court meets at 6:00 PM, in MSC 4304, on Wednesdays (biweekley).

Parking Appeals
Parking Appeals take place at 7:30 PM, in MSC Chambers, on Wednesdays (biweekly).

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