The name of this entity shall be Activity and Service Fee Management Bureau (ASMB) may be hereinafter be referred to as the Bureau. This entity may also be referred to as the Activity and Service Fee Business Office or Business Office.

The purpose of the Bureau shall be to manage all Activity and Service Fee funds, Student Government financial accounts, Student Organization SBS accounts, and all receivable and payable accounts of all entities receiving more than 50% of their operating budget from A&S fees

"The mission of this Bureau is to provide Student Government, the Student Body, Student Organizations the Division of Student Affairs and the University Administration transparent and accurate accounting data, as well as top of the line fiscal, administrative support and customer services to Student Business Services funded entities.

The Bureau shall be accountable to the Student Body, Student Government, the Division of Student Affairs and the University Board of Trustees.

The Bureau must follow Student Government Statutes, the Student Body Constitution, University Policy and Procedure."

In addition to its primary purpose the Bureau must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Communicate on a regular basis to the Senate Committee on Appropriations and the Chief Financial Officer the current financial status of all accounts under Bureau management.
  • Be able to provide the balance on all accounts under Bureau management within a timely manner of any transactions taking place within said account.
  • Provide a front-end system that is user friendly for students and department financial officers to use to conduct front-end purchasing and access to their respective accounts.
  • Keep an inventory of all property acquired by any of the accounts under Bureau management.
  • Ensure that all SBS accounts are spent according to the Finance Code, Proviso and general regulations in regards to A&S monies.
  • Train all financial officers of A&S entities, in conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget, on a yearly basis or as needed, in the rules and guidelines of SBS funds.

All internal policies and operating procedures of the Bureau shall be explicitly set by the Director, in consultation with the Bureau Advisory Council.

Said policies shall not conflict with Student Government Statutes, Student Body Constitution or University Regulations or Policy.

Training Calendar

SBS Office provides Financial Officer and Travel Trainings to Financial Officers separately this year. Financial Officer Training is required to get access to FAST. Travel Training is highly recommended if you are planning to travel as an organization this year. The training sessions are scheduled as follows:

Financial Officer Training:

Schedule-FALL 2016

Travel Training:

Schedule-June-July 2016

Official Documents

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*Annual Budget Application
The 2017-2018 Annual Budget Application is now available; the deadline to submit your budgets for review is January 27, 2017 at 4:59:59pm; so,  please open the link below and download the Excel file https://orgsync.com/88087/files/1119323/show.  You are highly advised to read and follow the instructions; please email all questions related to the budget process to SGBUDGETS@USF.EDU  


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